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For super busy (and lazy) girls like me who is always on the go and no time for bullshits, finding a multi-use product is heaven! So let me share to you the three CLOUD COSMETICS make-up (that) you can apply fast and easy without using tools!

Baby Pores - our bestseller pore-blurring and mattifying primer. Baby pores is an all-in-one day cream- it blurs the appearance of pores, lighten facial spots, protects skin from UV damage (it has SPF 30), mattifies skin, controls oil, brightens skin (adds glowiness) and protects skin from external aggressors (pollution). Wheew! ☺︎

Lip Majikku - our all time favorite lip lightening serum. Lip Majikku can condition, soften, and moisturize lips instantly! It is ideal for dry, dark, chappy lips. Our Lip Majikku is formulated with Rhizobian gum, Akebia Quinata, Acacia Senegal gum, Tamarindus Indica Seed gum that attracts moisture (similar to Hyaluronic Acid but they are 10x more powerful) making your lips look more healthy, bouncy, and "plump". It also contains stable Vitamin C that effectively lightens dark lips when used long term. Lip majikku is definitely the one magical multi-use lippie we have! ♡

Pepper Tint - our hydrating lip and cheek tint. Pepper tint is a non-drying tint that provides a washed out color on skin that looks less intimidating. It is an oil based tint- but worry not! We used super light and non-comedogenic oils such as Jojoba Seed Oil and esters of Shea Butter. It is easy to blend (and the color looks healthy) on skin. 

You can apply all three of them without using any make-up tools! The only thing you need is your hands (especially your fingertips). So if you want fun, fast, easy, and multi-use make-up..try all three of them! Shop CLOUD COSMETICS now. ☺︎✌︎