What are your payment options?

PAYPAL (debit/credit card) for website orders. If you want bank deposit or online bank transfer, please email us at hi@cloudcosmetics.ph              

How much is the shipping fee?

P90 (new rate of XEND) for Metro Manila orders and P175 (via LBC) for provincial.


What is your shipping schedule?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (MWF). No same day shipping. Please pay at least 1 day before the shipping schedule.


When can I expect my package to arrive? How many days will it take to be delivered?

You can expect your package 1-2 days after the shipping date. We'll send you a note once your products has been shipped.


What if the courier lost my package or they take longer than the usual to deliver?

Once orders are dispatched to our service provider (third party courier), we are no longer liable with your parcel. If in case of delays or problem with your package, we're always here to help you coordinate with the service provider to resolve the issue. Always check if your delivery address is correct to avoid delays.


I entered wrong delivery address. Can I change the delivery address after making a payment?

In the event that the wrong address is indicated in the order, and the package has been shipped, we will not be liable for any replacement.
The courier will charge an additional cost for change of address for undelivered parcels with wrong/invalid address. Please check you delivery address before making a payment to prevent delays/problems.


Are your products 100% organic and/or 100% natural?

We are not an organic brand. We are more on the clinical side—using scientifically-advanced, clinically-tested, modern ingredients that are proven safe and effective.


How can you assure that Cloud Cosmetics™ products are safe and legal to distribute in the market?

All Cloud Cosmetics™ products have FDA notification number that assures the public that our products are regulated by law and legal to sell in public.


I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products?

Our products are great for all skin types—even for people with sensitive skin! But if you have hypersensitive skin or allergies, we suggest you do a patch test first for safer use. You may also gradually incorporate our products to your regimen so that your skin can adjust.


Help! I have extreme acne and problematic skin. What products can you recommend?

Our products are not intended to cure or treat severe skin problems such as acne, hormonal breakouts, and skin diseases. Our products are intended to be applied to your body for cleansing, beautifying, enhancing, promoting attractiveness, improving appearance, and preventing breakouts.


What are your products claims?

The only claims we have in our products are: 

  • 100% non-toxic  
  • Free of parabens and sulfates (and drama! lol) 
  • We avoid using harsh chemicals  
  • We do not test on animals 🐱
  • Finished products are human-tested and approved!