Bath Care Promo ☺︎

Bath Care Promo ☺︎

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This Bath Care Promo includes 1pc. Gugo Aloe Shampoo + 1pc. Tomato Gelly + 1pc. Gentle Feminine Wash. The three essential bath products you need everyday to maintain topnotch hygiene. Look fresh and smell good anytime of the day!


Gugo Aloe Shampoo- a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo formulated with Gugo  bark and seed extracts + aloe vera to promote healthy hair growth.

Tomato Gelly- a gel-to-water body lotion formulated with natural plant extracts to hydrate and brighten skin while keeping it soft and plump.

Gentle Feminine Wash- a multifunctional skin cleanser that is pH-balanced to keep skin healthy and supple. Ideal for sensitive parts, face and body.

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